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What We Offer

Travelling Yogini Yoga inhabits a small intimate studio space in Whitby while also offering the option of travelling to clients throughout Durham Region.. Travelling Yogini Yoga is a unique studio in that we meet you where you are. Not only can you enjoy a more personalized class in a small studio setting, but also Travelling Yogini Yoga can bring Yoga to you for a more personalized class. All that is needed is your mat and the space to practice. We will come to your home, office or any place that you can meet on your mat. We also offer Yoga for events such as birthday parties, bachelorettes or girls nights. 

What our Students are Saying

Eda is really meant to teach yoga. She is incredible with children and has so much patiences and creativity! Ever since she began taking her yoga courses and educating herself by attending retreats she has inspired others in her life to think and feel differently and not sweat the small things in life. Not only does yoga have great impact on us physically but emotionally. Keep up the great work your doing Eda!  


Eda is an incredible teacher. She leads a class effortlessly and offers great support to her students. As a beginner I fell in love with my first class and now try to attend two classes per week.